Notable web design trends in 2018

We are approaching halfway mark into 2018. Within this period so far much has happened in the web design and development industry. These are the trends almost all web designers are following in their web design process.

In this article we are going to highlight some of the most notable trends in web design we have seen so far in 2018.

3D animation

3D animation has been widely used by web designers in the year 2018. The benefits of using 3D on your website is that it keeps visitors on your website for quite a long time. Customer interaction improves significantly with the use of this technology.


Having good quality pictures on your website will no longer be useful. However having moving images on your website tends to improve customer engagement. More often than not when you are trying to convey a complex message, static images are not effective. Basically a static image tells you what is in it, not how to use it.


Notable in 2018 so far is the art of storytelling on a website. Making a story improves customer engagement. Irrespective of your websites market niche telling a story has actually proved to be effecting in increasing customer engagement.

Mood for the interface

Imagine having a website that literally responds to the moods of the user. For instance it could be as something as simple as making it change colours as the visitor scrolls down or up or serves customers with popups as soon as they want to leave the website.