What you need to know before your website is designed in 2018

A website is basically a group of related web pages sited on the same server communicating a common message. You really need to consider a few factors before hiring that web designer or agency to develop your website.

If you are looking to have a website either for your business or personal use, you would need to consider a few factors.

Understand your business

The first thing is to understand your business. If for example you are operating a store of products, the best website in this case would be an online store or what is commonly known as an e-commerce website. In case you are basically offering services e.g. hotel services, then your website should put more emphasis on sharing photos of hotel rooms and their prices as well. Also it is better to implement an online booking engine on this type of website.


Example of Hotel Website Booking Engine.

Know the behaviour of your audience

Recent statistics show that almost three quarters of the internet surfing population use mobile devices. This trend cuts across all industry niches. It is essentially a basic factor for all websites to be mobile friendly. Secondly, it is also good for your website to be seo friendly. People actively looking for goods and services online use search engines to this effect. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving search rankings of a website. Highly ranked websites receive more traffic hence increased sales online.

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Online Image

Your website represents your online image. Having irrelevant information on your website could not only dent the image of your business but also hurt your online sales. For example the contact numbers placed on the site should all work at all times. The seriousness of your business depends on the functionality of your website.

Your competitors

Know how your competitors’ websites look. They could be having more appealing websites than yours. Obviously you are going to lose customers to them if your websites is poorly designed.