How to make money online blogging

As an experienced web designer and digital communication expert I have encountered this question on a couple of online forums and from some of my clients as well.  Most of these people want to start a blog but they actually can’t figure out how they could earn a living blogging. Well, if you are one of these people then continue reading this article.

To start off a blog is essentially an informational website where owners create and share content on topics they are more passionate about. So how then can one make money from this activity?

How to make money blogging

The first thing you need is a blogging website. You may need services of experienced web designers to design that website for you just in case you are not tech savvy. After it has been set up you will need to learn the basics of operating it.

Secondly, you should start creating more interesting content that attract more traffic. Basically this should be the topic you are more passionate and have deeper expertise in. Continue creating and sharing content on daily basis. Promote it further on social media platforms and get the most in terms traffic.

 When your blog starts to get significant amount of traffic, link it up to Google Adsense. This is basically a program run by Google that automatically operates by serving your blog readers with advertisements. You earn a certain preset commission after a visitor clicks on it or serves its purpose. For example you have 1000 visits a day and 500 of them click through. Assuming the preset commission is $0.25 then your earnings would be 500x0.25= $125. Cool Ksh 12,500 a day!

 Besides, you can approach establishments in your industry and convince them to put advertisements on your blog at a fee. That is even interesting if you manage 1 or 2 of them.

Thirdly if you are selling a product a blog can actually boost your sales online. Here you simply set up an email subscription module on your blog. Get a good number of subscribers. Send them newsletters after a specific period of time. That way your sales are going to sky rocket within a short period of time.

The bottom line is you can actually make money online using a blog.