Design is not just what your website looks like…

Let’s get it right…I bet most of us have visited a couple of websites on the internet. Is there a single website that you recently visited and was appealing to you and therefore always comes up in your mind every time you think about a good website? Obviously there is. It all depends on the purpose of your visit to the website. Perhaps you were looking for a certain commodity and it was much easier to find it in that website or maybe you are a web designer and was looking for the best design template for your client depending on their niche.

Recently a client approached us for web redesigning services. My initial feeling about the current website was not bad. You see as a website designer there are certain things that we look at on the website before even looking at the corporate colors for instance. These fundamental aspects were conspicuously present on the website. Obviously for me there was no need for a redesign because all these usability elements were already implemented. Perhaps what I needed to do was a relocation of some elements and maybe change the overall theme of the website keeping usability aspect constant.

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Interestingly this client had no clue on what they wanted changed on their website. Apparently to them the site has now become boring. So I had to suggest a few adjustments while at the same time keeping the UX aspect intact.

If you are a website owner or looking for website design services, make sure the principles outlined below have been captured on it at the end of the day. They make it easier for visitors to your website pretty easier to navigate and find what they are looking for.

Characterictics of a good website design

  • Easy to navigate from one point to the other like having a conspicous menu


  • Should be mobile friendly

mobile friendly

  • Create good content
  • Match your corporate colors
  • Clear calls to action

calls to action