How to make use of the web to increase your business sales leads

Regardless of your industry you can leverage your website to find more new customers or make use of your existing ones to increase your sales leads online. Essentially a website is the most basic tool needed for you to make your online marketing initiatives a success. If you don’t have a website you can consider our web design in Kenya services. Meanwhile we have compiled some answers to some of the questions from our clients that you can take advantage of to make the web a success for your business.

I am a local automobile mechanic, over the years I have solely been relying on word of mouth. But my colleagues keep on asking me ‘why don’t you have a website?’

The internet has become more popular not only in Kenya but also across the globe. It is true that most of the sales you could be making is because of word of mouth. But the thing is people turn on to the web to look for goods and services. Companies that have a website that is visible on the web make more sales than those that don’t.


Most of my competitors have started blogs on their website. They are essentially blogging about themselves. What is the purpose of having a blog on my site?

A blog is a very good platform for you to share any information related to your industry. You can take advantage of your blog and make good sales. You don’t necessarily talk of your own business in your blog but rather blog about anything that your customers may be interested to read. That way it easier to convince whoever reading your articles that you have got experience and authority in your market segment. A blog is also good ranking factor when it comes to search engine optimization (seo).

A few days ago I was doing a web search and bumped up on a negative review about my business on a third party website. I am just worried that other customers might run into this review and have a negative perception of my business as well.

Don’t get upset by some of these reviews. In fact this is a good opportunity to identify weak areas in your business. Don’t rush to shun the customer in a response but rather try to get in touch with them and offer an apology and promise to improve in future. That way your customers will start to trust and believe in you.