Common mistakes committed by web designers

In this digital era, more and more businesses are shifting their operations to the internet. This is attributed to the high penetration of cheap internet connections across the globe. As a result web design agencies have become a happy lot. This is essentially because of the high number of customers seeking their services day by day. However this has led to the emergence of web designers who are less qualified and are making numerous grave mistakes in terms of web design. The unsuspecting business owners are unaware of this. They eventually lose a lot of businesses prospects their competitors who are good at the game.

1. They don’t put search engines in mind

Good web design layouts should be seo friendly. Basically a good website should make it easier for search engines to understand the content in it. Aspects such as internal links and the general navigation should be clear. Just a recap search engine optimization is the process of affecting the position of a website on organic search results.

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2. They forget about good content

Content on your website determines whether a visitor converts or not. Web designers basically forget to create good content on the website they have designed. Their focus is on the layout only. Web designers should create good content that easily makes sales conversions besides creating visually appealing designs.

3. Poor coding ethics

Good coding ethics should be observed accordingly. Things such as too much inline css, javascript are seriously harmful to seo.

4. Too much unused content on the website

Extra unused content on the website e.g media files should be done away with. This is necessary because you want to reduce the sites load time and thereby improve the speed.

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