Ways of improving your website

Do you happen to have a website for your business? If yes are really getting any positive results from it? If the answer to this question is no then read on.

As an experienced web designer based in Kenya, I have seen many businesses losing out a lot of business prospects online to their closest rivals. Reason being these competitors are playing their game right. More often a lot of websites are not present on search engines and if they are scare away potential customers due to one reason or the other as I am going to highlight below.

I ran into a former school mate in town and as we were having a brief chat he explained to me how his start up is experiencing challenges. Basically the business has got no enough customers to sustain it. Since he was a good friend of mine in campus I offered to redo and make improvements to the website which was not looking any good.

Based on the experience these are the key areas any website owner should work on in order to get back on track.

Customize your title tags

Title tag is the text that appears on top of the browser window. Name each page title according to its subject. This is good for seo. By doing this search engines would easily understand what your website is all about.

Proper navigation

Make it easier for a visitor to move from one page of the website to the other. Don’t make navigation menus invisible because users won’t be able to see them and probably navigate to the right content on your website. I have on a couple of occasions encountered websites in Kenya with mobile version of their menus appearing on the desktop version. This is absolutely wrong. It would be wise for any web designer to utilize the screen width of desktop computers and make the menu as conspicuous as possible.

Good content

Content is crictical. Keep adding new fresh content to your website blog. This way search engines would give your website more authority.

Call to action

It is extremely important to add call to actions on your website. For instance you could consider including a ‘contact us’ button on each and every page on your website in order to make your visitors call or email you.

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