Ways of driving traffic to your website

There is nothing bad as having a website that doesn’t receive hits or visitors. A clearly designed website should represent your online virtual office. It is through your website that potential customers get to know your business.

Web design especially in Kenya is an art that is actually lagging behind. Web designers develop a website and forget to put users in mind first because they are the ultimate users of the website.

So do you have a website and wondering how to make use of the current number of online users count on your website? Sit back and read through this article.

The first strategy is seo or search engine optimization. This is simply the process of affecting the visibility of a website on search engines based on certain keywords or search terms. Your website should target a certain phrase on search engines. I am going to mention google at some point because it is the most popular search engine.

For example if your website is about baby toys at what position and page does it rank on the keyword “baby toys”? You will clearly see that those who have done it well rank first on google results pages and are receiving significant amount of traffic to their website.

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Social media has taken over. Nearly every individual who has got access to the internet must be signed up to at least one social networking site. Facebook and twitter have a huge following. As a website owner, consider creating a profile for your business in each of these sites. That way you are going to boost traffic that is coming to your website.

Lastly, I would like to mention something email marketing. The email has become an effective tool of communication. Traditionally, emails were strictly used for communication but with the emergence of digital marketing it has become a good channel for introducing products or services.

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