Why your business needs to have a website

To gain credibility

Having a website means that you are truly serious in what you are doing. Customers will have confidence in your business just because you have a professionally done website. Having a good-looking website would improve your business image and thereby increase sales online.

A website saves you money

You may think that having a website will cost you too much but the point is it will cost you more if didn’t have a reliable website for your business. For example, in Kenya it will cost you just $100 to $200 to have your website done by professional web designers in Kenya. A website can generally help you reach a wide audience with no cost at all.

Website keeps your customers informed

You customers will get informed of what is happening in your company. This could be new goods and services or new price list and even discounts and offers.

It is always accessible

Website is always accessible anytime anywhere. Being available 24/7 means your customers are always in touch with your business.

Gives an opportunity to target a wider market

Having a website means reaching out so many people at the same time. This is because your website enables you to target so many people in many regions.

It is a platform to showcase your works

Though your website you can showcase your previous works or portfolio to potential clients. This increases your chances of making visitors convert and become your customers.

A website saves you time

It saves you time in the sense that you can present all the information on your website. You don’t need to explain to your visitors what you are exactly up to because all these information is available in one place.

Improves customer service

For example, you may include a forum section or FAQs section that serves to answer all customer queries. Also, you may include step by step instructions on how to use a product.

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