How can a web design affect seo rankings of a website?

How can a web design affect seo rankings of a website?

When it comes to seo so many people concentrate on aspects such as link building, keywords research, page relevancy and so forth. I have personally seen this behavior in Kenya by seo specialists and web designers. They forget that a web design is a very crucial factor that affects how search engines crawls pages on your site. Those who are doing this better always have their websites better ranked on search engines such as Google, Bing etc.

Navigation is very essential for seo

Search bots are like human beings. They navigate from one page to the next based on how your links on your website are positioned. So when designing your website, make navigation easier for search bots as you would also like human beings to find it easier to navigate your website. Links help search bots to determine inter-related content on your website for their ranking purposes.

Besides, the amount of javascript should be ideally minimized on your website. Picture slideshows for instance don’t add up to anything in terms of seo but rather hurts your rankings. If you have to use a picture slideshow on your website, it is a good idea to limit its use. Probably on the home page alone case in point this website.

Proper coding ethics

Consider reducing too much irrelevant coding on your website if you indeed want your websites rankings to improve.  Emphasize on html tags that aide such engines determine keywords on your website e.g h1, h2,<b>, italizing etc. Avoid use too much javascript on your website. Place javascript files outside your website pages and just reference them from within.

Your web design should be responsive for seo

Google has updated its search algorithm. Websites that are not responsive and mobile friendly are being banned from Google’s index. This action was informed by the high uptake of mobile internet across the globe. Google always strives to serve its users with relevant content in a more convenient way hence mobile friendliness is a requirement today.

Internal linking is always good for crawlers

Internal linking should not only be intended for website users. They also tell search engines that those linked pages are relevant and related to one another and therefore should not be forgotten.  A good web design in kenya should have a good internal linking strategy that puts not only the interest of readers but also search robots.

The bottom line is that a web design in kenya has an impact on your seo rankings. When designing a website, try to do it in consideration of all the factors discussed above.

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