Looking for professional Kenya web designers

It is quite difficult to find the right Kenya web designers. The market is flooded with so many players in terms of freelancers and a couple of companies offering the same services all at low qualities. Being a good web designer entails a lot including possessing certain traits that sets you apart from the crowd. That is why our services as Digitalweb Warriors still stand out.

kenya web designers

However in this article I am going to highlight traits you will expect from good Kenya web designers.

What is expected of  good Kenya web designers

 Should design with seo in mind.

It is very difficult to separate seo and web design. Good Kenya web designers should design websites with seo in their minds. Unfortunately most of these designers are never interested in seo thereby it becomes difficult to find one who understands both. If ‘seo’ is a new term for you I already did an article earlier about on-page seo and off-page seo.

A good web design should be seo friendly. Google crawlers will find it easier crawling and indexing pages on your website if your website is done correctly.

They should have knowledge of key web design principles

Kenya web designers should ideally possess basic design guidelines. On several occasions  you find that most of these designers adopt already made designs that may not conform to those standards. This eventually compromises the integrity of the entire website.

Prioritize content on websites

It is a good idea to always have good content on your website. Most designers ignore this and what they end up with is for instance a website with wrong contacts, broken links, irrelevant content and even blank pages.

Should learn every day

The best designers, seo geeks, hackers and such like keep learning every day. This is what keeps them abreast with trends in their fields and thereby remain competitive all the time.

Should be problem solvers

Kenya web designers should be problem solvers. Every time they encounter a problem they should not run to alternatives rather look for a solution to the problem at hand.

Exercise good communications skills.

Communication is rudimental in every professional and even in our personal lives. Good web designers should posses these vital skills in order to move forward as a team.

Connect with clients

A client is the most important part of  any business. Kenya web designers should walk to their clients, understand their needs and come up with a design that best suites their business needs .

Master the art of responsive web design

Kenya web designers should posses responsive web design capabilities. This will ensure they are ahead of the curve in this field as it is one of the current trends in web design and development.

Design with portfolio mentality

Remember your website design is to be used as a reference as your portfolio whenever you pitch for a job as a web designer in Kenya. Therefore designers should have this in mind when developing websites.

Have great presentation skills.

Kenya web designers seem to ignore this. They tend to underrate and seldom discuss this skill. It is the most imperative skill designers need for them to sell their ideas.

Are there any traits that you feel Kenya web designers should possess? Feel free to share your views in the comment box