Importance of a Responsive Website

What is a responsive website and why should it be responsive?

Web design and development is the process of coming up with a website with the intention of communicating a certain message to a target audience. Nearly every business today has a form of representation online in the form of a website. Millions of people access the internet daily in search of goods and services. Others access it for purposes of socialization and networking on social media sites e.g  Facebook and twitter. However, the question is how responsive is your website to all devices accessing it?

Responsive Web Design

In this article I am going to tell you why you need to make website responsive.

Just a recap a responsive website is the one that adjusts itself to fit into the screens of all devices accessing it. In an article posted earlier responsive web design is one of the aspects that make a good website.

3 major reasons why your website should be responsive

Mobile usage is on the increase


Today in Kenya about 70% of the population owns a mobile phone. Therefore it goes without saying that more people access the internet using a mobile phone as compared to desktop and laptop computers. A mobile is more convenient way of accessing the internet because of its affordability and convenience. Online shopping and social networking is easier with mobile phones. I bet anyone reading this article must also be owning a mobile phone.

Therefore not making your website responsive to all this screen sizes makes someone to jump over to your closest rival with a more responsive site.

Improve your seo rankings

improve seo rankings kenya

SEO simply means search engine optimization and is the process of affecting the position of your website on search engine results pages. Google updated its search algorithm due to technological changes and behavior. They realized that most people searching for goods and services on their platforms use mobile phones. One of Google’s policies is always to serve its customers with relevant information in a more convenient way. It is because of this that Google now gives responsive websites more authority on their listings.

Therefore you can imagine how much you could be losing to your competitors if your website is not responsive.

Responsive websites provides a better user experience


Being responsive means your website adjusts to all screen sizes. This way zooming is possible and therefore provides a good experience to your visitors online. Basically responsive websites reduce side scrolling and hunting around for information.

Yep there you are and just in case you are stranded on where to start you can always drop us an email or call us through our Contact us page. We shall be glad to assist you.

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