A website is a crucial tool for digital marketing

A website represents your corporate identity online. Basically it represents your brand image on the internet. It is through it that visitors get information on the type of products or services you offer. That said it remains to be the most important tool for digital marketing.

More and more people are logged onto the internet in search of goods and services. On several occasions their buying behaviors is to a certain extent influenced by whether they are for instance the usability of your site. Having a website does not actually mean everything. As a business owner try and make your website as easier to use as possible by visitors.

wensite tool for digital marketing

I have personally bumped into some web designs in Kenya alone that are quite horrible. For instance there are no clear navigation elements on these websites. Visitors are made to hunt around for information that they could otherwise find at a single glance.  As a matter of fact these crimes hurt SEO rankings for those websites on search engines.

In this article I’ve outlined a couple of areas to put emphasis if you want your website to deliver good results online.

Key areas to concentrate on when creating a good web design

User interface

The user interface should be generally simple to understand by visitors. Elements appearing on your website should be as simple in the sense that even a new internet user can predict their functionality. For example a back button should be clearly styled (Having the << sign) to indicate that clicking on it takes you to the previous page.

The general Layout

The layout of your website should be fair to what you are offering. A good website layout should present a visitor with a rough idea the very moment they land on your website. If your website offers information on steps to making pizza, there is no need of having a picture slideshow at the top followed by the recipe after several scrolls down the page.

Content on your website

Content on your website should be relevant to what your business actually offers in terms of services and products.