SEO for start ups

Start ups: What it means to have a highly ranked website in Google

Are you dreaming of starting your own business? Gone are days when people were afraid of starting their own business. This was basically due to the fact that most people were uncertain about how they could get their first customer. However, if you had a website that ranks well on search engines, this wouldn’t be something to worry about in the present technological world.

Search engine optimization or simply seo is the process of making your website rank higher on search engines. I will be focusing on Google since it is the major search engine in use at the moment.

The following tips are very critical to get the ball rolling for startups

  1. Build a website

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Today, a website has become a very basic tool for marketing. It represents your corporate image online. If you already don’t have a website yet you should seek our web design services. Your website should be visually appealing so that customers can have confidence in what you offer. Study shows that people tend to be put off by poorly designed websites. No one would trust your services or products if your website is in a very bad state.

Non-responsive websites on the other hand have poor taste online. A responsive website is the one that adjusts according to the screen size. Ideally if people spend a lot of time on your website hunting around for information they might simply opt for another site that is simple and responsive.

Responsive web design is also a ranking factor when it comes to SEO as I am about to outline below.

  1. Perform seo for your website

As indicated earlier, seo remains to be the major digital marketing strategy. This is because it is the only channel that directs highly targeted traffic to your website. As a start up, consider positioning your website on the first page of Google listings based on a search term relevant to the content on your website.

Statistics show that the first three listings returned by Google receive 40% of traffic from Google. Therefore positioning your website on the first three results or thereabout would put you in a better position of receiving more targeted traffic.

If you perform the above tips correctly, you would experience tremendous results and your start up would pick up on a high note.