What makes a good website?


What makes a good website?

Currently there are over 700 million websites in the world. Getting your business online is one of the best ways of reaching new and potential customers. Unfortunately, I have seen quite a number of websites in Kenya that are not correctly designed or have not actually followed the right web design guidelines. In fact most of them don’t actually represent the true image of their company.
So what makes a good website? In this article we are going to outline four key elements that a good website should have.

A strong and clear message

Your websites message should be clear and precise. What is the first thing your visitors see when they visit your website? There should be a general overview of what the website is all about. The core purpose of your business should be the very first thing your visitors should see on home page of your website. This is also a big boost to your SEO in Kenya rankings in the sense that your keywords become more relevant to your home page.

Ideally, the message should be strategically positioned where it should be easily seen by your visitors. On several occasions I have bumped into websites that do not balance the text to picture ratio. The first thing you encounter is a big picture slideshow that covers almost three quarters of their home page. This is absolutely wrong. If there is a need for it, honestly it should not take that area on your website. In my opinion, the picture slideshow should cover at most ¼ of the front page unless it is a photography website or something of the sort.

The point is more emphasis should be put on the message other than anything else.

Easy navigation

This is another very important feature of a good website. Many websites fail to include well structured pages that can lead visitors to relevant pages on them.
Website owners should organize their websites in a more structured way. In most cases adding sub-pages to the top navigation should be the best way to organize your website. Put in mind that a clearly organized website is a booster to its SEO in Kenya rankings.

Content is critical

The main purpose of your website should be to convey a relevant message to your visitors and try to make them understand what problems you are solving. Your content is your single most important marketing tool for your brand online.
You should have a content that is clear to understand and convincing to your customers online. It should have the power to convince and influence a customer to make a purchase.

Content is also another important SEO ranking factor. Essentially search engines like good content.

Build a community
Businesses should build a community around their businesses. Fortunately, social media sites like Facebook and twitter will help you achieve this. Include social share buttons on your website so that people can share your content widely and hence help improve awareness. Once again this is an important SEO strategy

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