Importance of SEO in Kenya

SEO is basically the process of affecting the position of a website on serach engines. In my own experience SEO is the most effective tool for digital marketing. Unfortunately, most organizations have not yet realized the benefits of seo in Kenya.
Ok, lets go straight to the point.

What is the point of having a website that cannot be found anywhere or is buried down so many positions on search engines results like in seo in Kenya ? Currently there is a huge number of internet surfers daily actively looking for either goods or services. You can honestly agree with me that when you need something and you absolutely have got no idea of where to find it, you simply turn to search engines.

Personally, I manage so many websites and I can assure you that almost 70% of traffic comes from search engines. Traffic from social media platforms to these websites is very low. As much as social media contributes to this traffic, its effect is very little or none. I would advise anyone reading this article to invest a lot on search engine optimization.

So why should companies invest in SEO?

Reasons why businesses should consider investing in SEO in Kenya

It still works

The techniques used to improve seo still work. However, Google keeps improving its algorithm so you need to abreast with the changes. Nevertheless, old techniques are still functional.
SEO is not going to stop anytime soon
Search engines still exist and there are more of them being developed. Therefore this is something that is not going to be ineffective any time in the future. SEO still remains to be the future marketing tool. As more businesses become more familiar with seo, its gonna be a competitive field in the future.
SEO is cost effective
Compared to other online marketing tools such as PPC advertising and social media marketing, seo is relatively cheaper. While ppc and social media campaigns may generate a lot of revenue your organic SEO still remains the bedrock of your online presence.
The bottom line;

It is time businesses employ seo in Kenya as this has proved to be the most effective tool with regards to digital marketing in Kenya.